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The Healing Dimension, created by Charlotta in 2005, is designed to offer information, education and healing guidance to those seeking natural methods to enhance healing, and deepen their awareness of the power of letting go of the past, living in the present moment, and designing a life they love.

Charlotta focuses on helping all ages including children, bring focus, joy, love & healing to their lives through the use of The Journey, a process pioneered by Brandon Bays and outlined in her top selling book, The Journey.  This simple, effective process allows you to access your own true answers for resolving past issues that can manifest as dis-ease in the body.  It assists you in tapping into the body's infinite intelligence - the healing dimension within.  In addition to being an Accredited Journey Practitioner and a Certified Holistic Health coach, Charlotta also enjoys teaching Tai Chi-Moving for Better Balance as well as Stretch and Strength classes, both designed to improve balance, develop mind focus, and cultivate inner tranquility.  As a public speaker, she educates on topics of the Art of Mindfulness, The Relaxation Response - The Key to a Healthy Immune System, Meditation and Tai Chi - Moving for Better Balance.  "It's all about being proactive if you truly wish to be healthy; and health involves all aspects of the person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spritually" states Charlotta.  For more information about any of the classes offered or to inquire about a speaker for your group or organization call 308-235-7341.  All questions are welcomed.

What does it take to liberate your own shining potential & realize the freedom of living your life as a joyous expression of the real you?  How about a guided journey process that helps you look inward, accessing specific memories stored in the cells of the body, then release any emotional pain, & dismantle old limiting beliefs.  This simple & effective process, The Journey, allows you to access your own true answers for resolving issues and making peace with the past.  It's truly like taking the lampshade off your light; dis-covering or removing the lid on your potential for healing your relationships, your life situation & even your health.  It's a gift of freedom beyond what you may imagine.  This process pioneered by Brandon Bays & outlined in her book  "The Journey" allowed her to tap into the body's infinite intelligence, resolve & let go past hurts; healing from a large uterine tumor in only 6 1/2 weeks.  No drugs or surgery!


Using The Journey many people have freed themselves of:


A journey session ranges from 1-3 hours & can be facilitated in person or on the phone.  We will first talk about the issue you'd like to resolve, and then dive into one of the Journey processes selected & facilitated to uniquely support you.  The Journey works with the body's dynamic, natural ability to heal & is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment but rather a complimentary approach.  The office of Healing Dimension is located in Kimball, NE approximately 1.5 hours drive from Fort Collins, CO just off Interstate 80.